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                    所屬行業:媒體/廣告/旅游/公關/文化/影視/酒店/會展/娛樂 企業性質:私營/民營企業 企業規模:1000人以上








                      Company Profile

                      Shine Media is a leading international business summit producer and operator. Founded in 2005, we are committed to providing a communication platform and strategic industry information for business giants.

                      Shine Media organizes over 40 international business summits each year, bringing together the key issues of concern to strategic managers and many political and business elites. It has become an indispensable platform for global business leaders.

                      Based on its superior social resources, Shine Media now has a senior advisory group and committee of experts composed of government officials, renowned experts and senior academics. It has also established a strategic cooperative relationship with about a hundred authoritative organizations, including many famous media.

                      Adhering to the philosophy of profession, Shine Media now has over 80 senior staff. Not only are we proud of the professional service team, but also the R & D team. The core management team of Shine Media has more than seven years’ experience in the industry.

                      We focus on industries as: Oil & Gas, Finance & Investment, Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Media, Pharma, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Trade & Tourism, and Real Estate.